Hi if you're still reading! If you didn't notice, I've stopped writing for a while now. I used to write because I felt like I had to write. When an idea popped into my head, I felt like my mind would burst if I didn't write it down. I don't feel that urge anymore, so writing has gone down. But it'll pick back up soon, I hope.

Become the strongest version of yourself.
— Elliott Hulse

My favourite YouTuber right now is a bodybuilding-fitness-instructor-mental-health-guru called Elliott Hulse. His ideas are crazy, but are really relatable, and his words evoke this visceral feeling that's hard to ignore. His stories and opinions about fitness and health and life are just so relatable at this point in time.

I've come to realize that a healthy life is full of roadblocks.

This is my view, but these roadblocks show up in our lives in a lot of ways. Some of them are obvious - depression, loss of identity, lack of direction, weakness, lack of control. Some of them are subtle - unreasonable hatred, momentary regret, questioning yourself.

I've found that it's really important to recognize that you cannot overcome these problems without changing yourself and becoming a different person than you are right now. You can't live with the same mind and same attitude and expect different, better results.

If you want to create real, lasting change in yourself, you have to very literally change your mind.

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A barrier is life's subtle way of telling us who we are today is not enough. If we want to be the strongest version of ourselves, we have to accept that we must change.