2 Years of Music: 2015, 2016

I missed 2015, so here's my favourite songs of 2015 and 2016 combined. My limitations are, released in 2015 or 2016, and only 10 songs. My tastes are quite varied, so I hope you find something you enjoy.

Let's get the obvious ones out of the way...

Sugar by Maroon 5 /

This has got to be the definitive song of 2015 by far. Even if you hate Maroon 5 or the direction they've gone, this smashed it out of the park. Fun to sing along, catchy, great video, classic Maroon 5.

Closer (ft. Halsey) by The Chainsmokers /

If Sugar was the definitive song of 2015, Closer was the hit in 2016, and with good reason. Its demographic is a bit young, but the beat is catch, alternating male and female verses is all the rage, and an amazingly unique main rhyming structure.

Up&Up by Coldplay /

Some people may prefer Hymn For The Weekend, but I think Up&Up has a much more beautiful message and an amazing video to boot. 

Stressed Out by twenty one pilots /

It's unbelievable how quickly and massively twenty one pilots blew up, and Stressed Out is an amazing unique song. Quirky, fun and meaningful.

Wolves Without Teeth by Of Monsters and Men /

It's a shame Of Monsters and Men don't get as much attention outside of Little Talk, but Wolves Without Teeth is all about their distinct sound.


These are my picks for blowing up in the next few years. 

Can I Get A Witness by SonReal /

SonReal doesn't get enough credit for the absolutely amazing body expression in his videos. I mean, just watch it. And his songs are amazing too.

Without You by Oh Wonder /

Honestly, any Oh Wonder song could have fit up here, they're all amazing. When I first heard them 2 years ago, I bet that they were going to blow up, and I think they have. They deserve it.

I have to end it with my favourite unknown indie artists. No other songs like these.

DECT by Griswold /

I don't know how this song came up in my feed, but it's a beautifully soothing and calm combination of piano, guitar, and sax.

Murakami by Made In Heights /

Technically not 2014, but the album released in 2015, and it's wonderfully calm and eerie. Made In Heights is one of the only artists that pull off this cacophony of different sounds.

Kill Our Way To Heaven by Michl /

The final song is from a complete newcomer, but after a listen you'd never figure that. This is in my opinion the epitome of indie music. Everything comes together in a beautiful way every chorus. 

In retrospect, picking only 10 songs over 2 years is hard. Hopefully I can remember to do one on time for 2017. I already have 1 song in mind. Hope you enjoyed it!